Operation Flame Grill: CIA led intelligence war with the help of psychics

According to the statement, the program (CIA PSYCHIC) began in 1975, and in it were included so. psychic people. The project lasted 20 years, was changed to 10 code names, and conducted 26,000 missions with 227 telepathic psychic. “Operation Grill Flame” is part of the project where they conducted research regarding the theory associated with paranormal activity, but also refers to assisting in spying Iranians during the hostage crisis in 1979.

According to the document, a secret military team trained seers met more than 200 times in an old building in Fort Meadau, Maryland, where they tried to use supernatural abilities to save a dozen American hostages detained in Tehran. They tried looking in the future to reveal their position, how are guarded and whether they are still alive.

After the hostages were released in 1981, the Pentagon has been likened what the psychics predicted with what actually happened within the walls of the US embassy in Tehran. The analysis showed that the prediction was accurate in only seven cases, and that more than half were completely incorrect.

After the results of the opposite outcome, the program was closed in 1995, after a review which found that reports of observation distance failed to provide concrete, precise information that would be of importance in the intelligence reporting.

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